Welcome to Bayspoke Studio.

Founded by Alby Johnston in 2015, with the vision of recapturing the quality and craftsmanship from past era's that celebrated material sensitivity, function, form and the flair of ownership, Bayspoke Studio produces unique handcrafted pieces for private tender, exhibition or by commission.

To understand Bayspoke Studio, please take your time browsing a few of our favourite pieces in our gallery below, gain an insight into our process, or get in touch if you are considering commissioning a signature piece for your home.



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THe process

get a glimpse into the process that exemplifies Alby Johnston's distinct approach to designing and crafting Bayspoke's Signature pieces.


view a selection of commissions that Bayspoke Studio has produced for clients, along with details of how you can fit-out your work or home with your very own.

Lotus Table


The Lotus Table is a 3dimensional interpretation of the lotus mandala found in many Buddhist cultures. It is inspired by the symbolism and beauty of the lotus flower which represents purity. The handmade Lotus Coffee/Tea Table is designed to bring harmony and peace into our living space and is also available as a Dining Table.  


Lotus table

Rainforest Rocker


The Rainforest Rocker...... 

Rocker detail

Angelique Hall Table


   This is a one of a kind piece of collectable, hand crafted, artisan furniture. There are several design elements that reveal the technical skills mastered to give this work a very unique surprise and value. The curved joinery on the top, sculptural forms and the carving underneath are design features which accompany surprise elements giving this piece a sense of design and wonder.