The passion to create amazing works for discerning people and their homes is a large driving force of our life. The source of inspiration for the designs can range from the natural world to the industrialised, telling stories about the relationship between the two and our place in it. .



Our design philosophy values function, consideration, a sense of wonder and love, exploration and longevity. Focusing on using traditional and contemporary skills, knowledge and influences we use sustainable, high quality materials to produce collectable heirloom pieces..



The work created by Bayspoke Studio is crafted by highly skilled and experienced artisans.  The devotion to stretching the limits of contemporary design is displayed by the sculptural aesthetics, complex construction and meticulous attention to detail. Whilst some pieces require processes that keep traditional skills alive, modern techniques are also necessary to explore the exciting possibilities.



Each piece is numbered, dated, personally signed and accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity.  If available, the origin of the materials is also important to complete the story. Each piece is designed and made exclusively by our select team at Bayspoke Studio and holds the essence of our craft.